MARBITO situated at Himatnagar, 70Km. from Ahemdabad, for manufacturing high quality vitrified tiles under the brand name of MARBITO. It is a young company established recently. MARBITO drive an excellence and an insatiable apatite for quality and customer satisfaction was accredited with ISO 9001:2015.

MARBITO has edified a sophisticated imported state-of-art manufacturing plant at Himatnagar having installed capacity of 18,400 sq. mt./day. MARBITO is a leading manufacturer of vitrified tiles and produces 600x600 mm, 800x800 mm & 600x1200 mm (first time in India).

MARBITO procure sophisticated technology from world leaders in vitrified technology such as Sacmi, Barbieri, Itaca, Italy.

MARBITO also have latest R & D laboratory with constantly trained workforce.

MARBITO has been providing fascinating shades of marbles, plain colors, anti skid, multi prints & double charge excelling international technical specifications to provide better floor solutions for our valued customers.

MARBITO has opted for a long term policy which means to produce quality product to keep its client satisfied.

Excellent Technology

MARBITO has perfected the techniques that make its vitrified tiles the most durable and appealing in the market. Sophisticated Italian equipment and innovative processes ensure excellent color consistency, guaranteeing vibrant hues and low maintenance year after years. Stringent controls at each stage of the manufacturing process guarantee that tiles leaves the factory complies with the highest international and ISO standards . Meeting even the biggest delivery commitments on time is no problem, thanks to the company’s one-roof, fully computerized system. This allows the company to the maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, adding real value for the customer.

Excellent Blend

MARBITO unique blend of international expertise yields vitrified tiles of outstanding beauty and resilience. The flair of the best designers is combined with state-of-the-art Italian technology and skilled craftsmanship. This fascinating merge of cultures results in a dazzling array of the designs, both classic and modern, presented in a range of vibrant, long-lasting colors. With a complete range of products, MARBITO tiles are an unbeatable choice for both commercial and domestic use.

Excellent Sales Network

MARBITO tiles features high quality, original pattern and diversified varieties. Since launching into the market, the products have earned high popularity from the domestic consumers and distributors. The sales network of the company covers throughout INDIA currently has developed over 350 dealers network and exclusive stores in INDIA. Besides focusing on the development at home, MARBITO tiles opened his hands to international market. Pay attention to the market trend, MARBITO has accumulated rich experience, and has transferred the pressure into promotion.

Excellent Professional Team

Professionalism is the key to the MARBITO reputation as a leading producer of vitrified tile. With a truly qualified & devoted team, we work hard to maintain efficient communication flows, making sure we keep to our commitments . And a holistic approach to human resource development within the company allow personnel to upgrade and refine their skills and expertise while gaining an understanding of the company’s operations as a whole. Such insights enhance the teamwork that enables us not only to fulfill, but also to exceed customer expectations.

Display Center in Ahmedabad, Delhi & Mumbai.